Another Time Another Place
Space: 1999 Episode A-16
Production Info
Director David Tomblin
Story by
Teleplay by Johnny Byrne
Editor Derek Hyde Chambers
Production Code A#6
IMDB Reference tt0706314
Previous Earthbound
Next Missing Link
Transmission Info
Season 1
Episode 16
Airdate 6 February 1976
Previous The Full Circle
Next The Infernal Machine

Episode QuoteEdit

I knew you didn't die. I knew.


The Moon passes through a rift in space and Regina Kesslann is badly effected by the experience. She develops the symptoms of sunburn and suffers an emotional breakdown when she discovers that John Koenig and Alan Carter are still alive - particularly Carter, to whom she believes she is married. Incredibly, the Moon returns to Earth, but an identical Moon is already in the planet's orbit. Regina dies suddenly and an autopsy reveals that she has two brains! Koenig and Carter visit the doppelganger Moon where they find an abandoned Moonbase Alpha and a crashed Eagle with their own bodies at the controls. Realising that they have traveled through time and caught up with their future selves, Koenig leads a team to Earth to discover the final fate of the Alphan survivors...

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Space: 1999 Season 1
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