Balance of Power
Directed by

Ed Bye

Original air date

29 February 1988 (BBC 2)



Lister wants to go on a date with the hologram of navigation officer Kristine Kochanski, much to Rimmer's disapproval. Lister decides to do a cooking exam so he can outrank Rimmer. But Rimmer has a cunning plan.

Errors and ExplanationsEdit

Movie MistakesEdit


  • When Lister and Rimmer are talking in their bunks, Lister says 'I've always been crazy about her'. He is looking to his right with his arm in the air, yet in the next shot he is looking down at the floor. People do shift their point of focus during conversations.

Visible crew/equipment

  • When Lister washes his face in his sleeping quarters, Rimmer is seen off set in the reflection in the fish tank walking past. You can see his uniform and can just make out the H on his forehead. Probably checking up on Lister.


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