Code of Honor

Picard greets Lutan's party in Cargo Bay One. (

Plot OutlineEdit

Tasha Yar is kidnapped in a planetary struggle for political power. [1]

Errors[2] and Explanations: Edit

Nitpicker’s GuideEdit

Plot Oversights. Edit

Yar giving the Ligonians the coordinates of Cargo Bay 1.
The Ligonians probably wanted to inspect the room the vaccine would be stored in.

Riker ending his sentence with the word Sir while looking at Data.
Riker might be looking at Data, but his words are directed at Picard.

Data having a slip of the tongue during his conversation with La Forge.
This could be part of Data’s quest to understand humanity.

Consequences of Yareena breaking the mating agreement after being revived following her ‘death’.
Lutan’s inheritance of Yareena’s wealth ended when she was revived.

Enterprise taking the desperately needed vaccine to Styris at warp 3.
The restriction could be to prevent degradation of the vaccine.

Continuity and Production ProblemsEdit

Hagon’s words not matching the movement of his lips.
He could be a ventriloquist!

Crusher wearing a 20th century style wristwatch.
It could have been a gift from Jack.

Change to the hallway leading to the area behind the bridge.
Picard could have arranged for the hallway to be flattened after this mission.


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