Duel and Duality
Directed by

Mandie Fletcher

Original air date

22 October 1987



Edmund Blackadder is amused to learn that his Scottish cousin McAdder has arrived in London, once again determined to wreak havoc and break hearts. Meanwhile, the Prince Regent has seduced some relatives of the Duke of Wellington, who is back from his military campaign in Europe and keen to defend the honor of his young female relatives. Written by Murray Chapman

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  • Although King George III of Great Britain was also Elector (later king) of Hanover, he was more British than German. George probably spoke English without an accent since he was born in England and never visited Germany. He could have picked up an accent from his parents.
  • Several times Blackadder refers to the Duke of Wellington as "the Iron Duke". At the time, he hadn't been given that nickname. It could have been a private nickname that Blackadder had for him, which became publicly associated with the Duke at a later date.

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