Invitation to Danger
The Saint
Invitation to danger

Production Info
Director Roger Moore
Story by
Teleplay by Terry Nation
Production Code
Transmission Info
Season 6
Episode 2
Airdate 6 October 1968
Guest Star(s)
Episode Production Order
Episode Transmission Order
Previous The Best Laid Schemes
Next Legacy for the Saint


Having gone to the aid of mystery blonde Reb Denning, the Saint finds a dying man who tells him, "stop them...Friday night." He is next captured by crooked casino owner Brett Sunley who claims that he has stolen £100,000 from the casino. The Saint manages to escape and tracks down Reb Denning, who tells him that she is a secret agent and that Sunley's casino is a front and that he is a banker for international spies. She gives the Saint an invitation to danger to bring down Sunley and his associates, which, of course, the Saint does not refuse.

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