Red Dwarf Episode A-06
Story date(s)

Two Rimmers in the Cinema[1]

Production Info
Director Ed Bye
Story by
Screenplay by Rob Grant and Doug Naylor
Production Code
IMDB Reference tt0684165
Previous Episode Produced
Next Episode Produced
Transmission Info
Season 1
Episode 6
Airdate 21 March 1988
Previous Episode Confidence and Paranoia
Next Episode Kryten


Rimmer moves into his new sleeping quarters with his holographic duplicate. Lister watches Rimmer's video containing footage of Rimmer's death, the two Rimmers start getting into a fight and Lister decides one of them has to be switched off. Written by Daniel Williamson[2]


Internet Movie DatabaseEdit

Revealing mistakesEdit

  1. When Lister visits Arnold and Arnold in Rimmer's new room, there is one frame of video where the Rimmer on the right was not composited in the picture. This is right after Lister comments about the "Rimmer headlines" on the door, when they switch camera angles from Lister at the door to showing the entire room, the first frame only has Lister and Rimmer along with the two scutters. The second frame shows the additional Rimmer on the right side of the room and one scutter has moved. Absences of the second Rimmer could be due to a glitch in the holo simulation system, while the second scutter could have moved.


  1. Image
  2. tt0684165

Red Dwarf Season 1
The End ; Future Echoes ; Balance of Power ; Waiting for God ; Confidence & Paranoia ; Me²

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