Directed by

Ed Bye

Original air date

7 October 1993



200 years after investigating the Esperato, the Red Dwarf crew awakes from suspended animation, as they set out to find Red Dwarf, which has vanished without a trace, on-board Starbug. Where they stumble upon a asteroid field containing lost spaceships. Where they find the asteroid field is inhabited by "Psirens" genetic engineered alien creatures that telepathically lure the ship's crew on the asteroids and suck out their brains. Written by Daniel Williamson


The fifth series saw a large increase in viewers, so the BBC requested that the sixth series open with a special "introductory" episode for new viewers. This was eventually achieved with a five-minute opening sequence in which Lister, suffering from amnesia, is reminded of the key elements of the series by Kryten.

=Source- IMDB entry

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