Rose is a shop assistant at Harrods and finds herself in a top floor storage room when the mannequins seem to come to life. She's rescued by a man who calls himself the Doctor but reveals little about himself. Her Internet search leads her to a man who believes that the Doctor is an immortal alien who has been instrumental in averting various Earthly disasters. Their paths cross again and Rose helps the Doctor in fighting a race of plastics-based creatures whose home world may have been destroyed in a battle involving the Doctor. Rose seems like the perfect companion for his future travels. Written by garykmcd

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  1. When Rose believes Mickey is dead, she says she will have to tell his mother. However, we later learn that Mickey's mother left the family when Mickey was very young, and presumably has no contact with her son. She might have indirect contact with people Mickey knows, such as his teachers.

Plot holesEdit

  1. When Rose is at Clive Finch's house, Clive shows her pictures of the Doctor by himself in various places in history (the 1883 eruption of Krakatoa, JFK's assassination in 1963, and at Southampton on April 10, 1912, the day that the Titanic set sail). However, during this episode the Doctor implies several times that he has recently regenerated. You would expect the pictures can't be from the Doctor's future, because Rose is always with him until he regenerates into his David Tennant incarnation and she's not in any of the pictures, and Christopher Eccleston's departure from the series after this season allows no time for these appearances to occur. But if he just regenerated before this episode then he couldn't have visited them in his past, either. (IMDB) There are also acknowledged gaps between on screen episodes. In "Boom Town," Rose tells Mickey about places she has visited with the Doctor that are not shown on screen in previous episodes. So Rose could be traveling with the Doctor in all the instances found by Clive, but there is no guarantee that she was standing right next to or near the Doctor when the pictures were taken, so she would not necessarily appear in the photos. Plus, the Doctor could have traveled to these places in between the time when he leaves Rose and Mickey at the end, to when he returns a few seconds later saying "did I mention, it also travels in time?" to create the photos.

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  1. When the Doctor goes into Rose's house, he checks his face to see if his regeneration has gone well, but later, we discover that he has been in his current carnation for days (Maybe months). Shouldn't he have looked into a mirror before that? Perhaps the Doctor hasn't had a chance to look at himself since his last regeneration, or he may still be getting used to his new face
  2. When Rose gives Micky the Auton's arm, it is a right arm, but when Micky throws it in the dumpster it is a left arm, then it's back to being a right arm when it attacks the doctor. This is living plastic, which can change form.


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