Shoulder to Shoulder
Are You Being Served Episode C-07
Shoulder To Shoulder

Mrs Slocombe (Mollie Sugden) assists a newlywed couple (Hilary Pritchard and Jonathan Cecil)

Production Info
Director Ray Butt
Story by
Screenplay by David Croft
Michael Knowles
Jeremy Lloyd
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Transmission Info
Season 3
Episode 7
Airdate 10 April 1975
Previous Episode German Week
Next Episode New Look


The ladies and gentleman's floor is going to be redecorated but only one department can afford to be decorated. After it is decided that the ladies will be decorated, they are forced to share counter space with the gentleman, much to the dismay of both parties. Written by Nadia Nassar

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  • When Mr Grainger takes relief in the fact "We've got our own counters back", you can clearly see that he is not wearing his glasses as they are, presumably, still in Mrs Slocombe's handbag. But when young Mr Grace says that the men's department will be re-decorated, Mr Grainger complains and his glasses suddenly re-appear on his face. He could have acquired a spare pair from somewhere.


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