Star Trek Nemesis
Stardate(s) 56844.9
Star Trek Film #10
2002 star trek nemesis 012

Riker, Data, Picard, Worf and Troi aboard the Scimitar[1]

Production Info
Director Stuart Baird
Story by John Logan
Rick Berman
Brent Spiner.
Screenplay by John Logan
Production Code
IMDB Ref tt0253754
Previous Episode Produced Star Trek Insurrection
Next Episode Produced Star Trek (2009)
Release Info
Previous Film released Star Trek Insurrection
Next Next Film released Star Trek (2009)
Previous Endgame
Next Star Trek (2009) (24th Century events mentioned by Old Spock)


On their way to Riker's and Troi's honeymoon, the Enterprise is sent near the Neutral Zone to Romulan space, and picks up a prototypic twin of android Data. Immediately they are further sent to Romulus, where a new Praetor, Shinzon, a human cloned from Captain Picard who lives on the slave planet Remus, appears to want peace with the Federation. But then the crew detects a break-in on their computer systems, and Picard is captured by the Remans because Shinzon needs him as his only matching supplier of genetic material. Picard and the Enterprise can escape, only to find themselves battling Shinzon's completely cloaked Warbird, who is after the complete destruction of Earth. Written by 42/103[2]

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Character errorEdit

  • Admiral Janeway refers to Picard's recent encounters with the Borg and the Son'a as "easy assignments." These were not assignments, Picard was disobeying Starfleet orders on both occasions. Janeway is being diplomatic, especially considering the way Picard resolved both incidents.
  • When speaking to the wedding attendees, Data addresses them as ladies, gentlemen and transgendered species. The proper term for a species with no gender is androgynous. Transgendered is going from one gender to another. Maybe there are some attendees who are going from one gender to the other.


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