The Full Circle
Space 1999
Production Info
Director Bob Kellett
Story by {{{story}}}
Teleplay by Jesse Lasky Jnr, Pat Silver
Producer {{{producer}}}
Music {{{music}}}
Photography {{{photography}}}
Editor Alan Killick
Production Code #15
Transmission Info
Season 1
Episode 15
Airdate Jan. 30, 1976
Length {{{length}}}
Guest Star(s) Spearman - Oliver Cotton
Main Mission Operatives - Sarah Bullen, Andrew Dempsey, Annie Lambert, Robert Philips, Michael Stevens
Security Guard - Tony Allyn
Nurse - Chai Lee
Caveman - Alan Meacham
Episode Production Order
Previous Death’s Other Domain
Next End of Eternity
Episode Transmission Order
Previous Earthbound
Next Another Time Another Place


While exploring an Earth-type world several Alphans, including Commander Koenig and Dr. Russell, disappear after sighting a strange fog. Shortly afterwards a race of primitive humans are encountered.

Filming ScheduleEdit

  • Tuesday, September 24th - Tuesday, October 8th, 1974


  • Scenes on the planet Retha were shot on the backlot at Pinewood Studios and in Black Park next door - this was the only location filming during Space:1999's first season and the only exterior filming apart from the rainfall sequence in The Last Sunset.
  • Director Bob Kellett reports that Barbara Bain relished the opportunity to "get down and dirty" in her cavewoman persona and would spend lunchtimes in her trailer practising her animal-like screaming.
  • The percussive incidental music featured in this episode was Barry Gray's final contribution to the series, and his last work for Gerry Anderson.


Information from IMDB and Fanderson website

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