The Naked Now[1]
Stardate(s) 41209.2
Star Trek The Next Generation Episode A-03
SS Tsiolkovsky crew quarters2

Geordi La Forge examining frozen crew quarters on the Tsiolkovsky.

Production Info
Director Paul lynch
Story by John D F black and J Michael Bingham
Screenplay by J Michael Bingham
Production Code
IMDB Ref tt0708810
Previous Episode Produced Encounter at Farpoint
Next Episode Produced
Transmission Info
Season 1
Episode 3
Previous Episode Transmitted Encounter at Farpoint
Next Episode Transmitted Code of Honor
Previous Encounter at Farpoint
Next Code of Honor

Plot OutlineEdit

An intoxicating virus causes members of the Enterprise-D crew to lose their inhibitions.

Errors and Explanations - Nitpicker GuideEdit

Plot OversightsEdit

  • The starship yard's use of the Cyrillic alphabet. It could have been intended as a way of honouring Tsiolkovsky.
  • The chief engineer and her assistant following the order to leave their posts without contacting Picard for confirmation. The engineers must expect Picard to know what he’s doing – (and if they did try to contact Picard, Wes may have programmed the computer to route all calls to Picard to a voice simulator).
  • Picard sending Yar to sickbay instead of confining her to quarters. Picard could have ordered Crusher to keep those infected in one place to ease monitoring and treatment.
  • Riker not cutting through the curved window nor the deck plates. Riker must be justifiably reluctant to fire a phaser so close to the warp core (I certainly would be!), especially due to the amount of equipment in the floors and ceilings, such as the gravity generators.
  • Unexplained change of position for the Enterprise, allowing time to respond to the collapse of the star. Enterprise could have moved back when we weren’t looking.
  • Crusher and Picard taking longer to recover than Geordi. This is probably because Gerodi is younger.
  • Data giving his word that he would not reveal what happened between him and Yar. Data’s facial expression after Yar says 'It never happened' could have indicated compliance with Yar’s request.
  • Transmission of an alchol type substance by touch. The molecules could have been absorbed through the pores of the skin.

Equipment OdditiesEdit

  • Non use of environment suits by the initial away team. There may have been nothing on the original scan to indicate contamination.
  • The big chain of water molecules in the records not matching anything in the scans. The new chain of water molecules must be more similar to normal water, and thus sufficiently different from the one in the records.
  • The monitor over La Forge’s bed in Sickbay registering his vital signs after he walks out. Life sign monitors might be receiving input from sensors in other parts of the ship.
  • The uniformed parrot image shown at the start of Data’s first scan of the records. This could be a futuristic wallpaper or screensaver.
  • The use of clicks instead of boops when ‘keys’ are pressed. The clicks could be part of an experimental user interface.
  • Crusher using physical restraint belts to hold La Forge in place. The sick bay restraint field is either offline or was not installed at this point.
  • No sign of the tractor beam holding the Tsiolkovsky on the main viewer image. The sensor system may be programmed not to show tractor beams on certain view screens.
  • Surprise at Wesley creating a reverse flow tractor beam. Reversible tractor beams may have fallen out of favour.

Continuity and Production ProblemsEdit

  • Picard stating that Enterprise is traveling at Warp 7, while subsequent shots show it traveling at impulse. Picard could have ordered a reduction in speed to allow navigation recalibration.
  • La Forge’s pillows disappearing before he leaves Sickbay. He could have thrown the pillows away before he left Sick bay.
  • Image of the movie era Enterprise attached to the records, instead of the correct Original Series version. The wrong image must have been attached to the file by someone at Memory Alpha by mistake.(According to Ex Astris Scientia, this has been corrected for the Re-mastered Blu Ray edition SENIRAM (talk) 16:53, October 10, 2013 (UTC))
  • The cloth in Yar’s hands appearing and disappearing between shots. Yar could be using the cloth to practice her slight of hand – very handy for concealing a small weapon.

Ex Astris ScientiaEdit

  • When Data is asked to go to engineering to replace the control chips, Riker holds his arm to guide him to engineering from the Bridge, (due to his quasi-inebriation). For some reason they head towards the Battle Bridge turbolift. This is an express turbolift, with access to a standard turbolift station on Deck 8.[2]


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