The Unkind Philanthropist
The Saint Episode C-12
Production Info
Director Jeremy Summers
Story by Leslie Charteris
Screenplay by Marcus Demian
Producer Monty Berman
Music Edwin Astley
Production Code
Previous Episode Produced
Next Episode Produced
Transmission Info
Season 3
Episode 12
Airdate 24 December 1964
Previous Episode Transmitted The Hi-Jackers
Next Episode Transmitted The Damsel in Distress


In Puerto Rico the Saint meets a young woman called Tristan Brown, who is there to bestow funds upon needy people on behalf of the charity which employs her. She is trying to find someone help her allocate the money and considers Elmer Quire, who is well-known as a local philanthropist. However, the Saint finds out that Quire is a fraud and that in fact he is dishonest and greedy. Given that 'Tristan' is also a man's name the Saint pretends that he is Tristan Brown and approaches Quire with a plan that will fleece him of his ill-gotten gains and re-distribute them to the local poor.


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