War Games
Space: 1999 Episode A-04
Production Info
Director Charles Crichton
Story by
Screenplay by Christopher Penfold
Editor Alan Killick
Production Code #17 - A
IMDB Reference tt0706357
Previous Episode Produced End of Eternity
Next Episode Produced The Last Enemy
Transmission Info
Season 1
Episode 4
Airdate 7 November 1975
Previous Episode Transmitted Collision Course
Next Episode Transmitted Death’s Other Domain

Episode QuoteEdit

“The death struggle of inferior species is very often the finest hour of their existence.”


Alpha is approached by a fleet of Mark 9 Hawk Warships and, believing them to be about to attack the base, Koenig orders the Eagles to open fire. Suddenly, the Alphans are fighting a war against alien forces that devastate the base leaving it uninhabitable. With 128 dead, Koenig's only hope for his people is to seek peaceful co-existence with the enemy, so he and Helena journey to their planet to plead their case. They meet two remote aliens who refuse their request on the grounds that the Alphans carry contaminants which would destroy a civilisation that has lasted for billions of years. Helena is held captive by the aliens while Koenig returns to Alpha to prepare for an invasion...


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